Gwinnett County, Georgia

Social media exploded with people imploring Georgia voters to #StayInLine on Election Day. Texas, Alabama and North Carolina also kept some sites open later.
Gwinnett County faces two federal lawsuits over its handling of ballots from absentee voters.
The faux clinics don't just set up shop next to abortion clinics. They're also in schools teaching abstinence-only sex ed.
Michael Bongiovanni and Robert McDonald face 10 counts for their alleged attack.
The organizer wants to promote relationships that can bridge the racial gap in her community.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where both officers appeared to act without justification," D.A. says.
Demetrius Hollins was punched in the head and then stomped on.
We must stop making excuses and face the reality that all too often, officers will use unnecessary force on black citizens in this country.
A Georgia police department fired the officer, saying the video “speaks for itself.” Authorities in Ohio continue investigating a similar encounter.