We asked skin care experts for their best tips on keeping skin healthy after a workout.
January is the best time to buy big-ticket fitness items.
Life Time Fitness has banned cable news networks from televisions in all 128 of its gyms across the country.
“Train, then go swim in the ocean, and the day is complete.”
Model in the Victory Run Black Bra. Image courtesy of Sweaty Betty Cooper's Ligaments diagram. Image courtesy of Sweaty Betty
According to a recent study by the University of Scranton, nearly 38 percent of New Year’s resolutions include weight-related
Correcting someone can be a very supportive act that brings you a deeper connection, or it can be a surefire way to disconnect
Over the past 28 years, Ned Norton has helped hundreds of people living with disabilities become stronger and more independent
The neurotic East Coast Jew in me started an internal monologue, "Mara, why the hell can't you be normal, and send your kids
Let's discuss each of these in a bit more detail. The general consensus among fitness professionals is that ACE and NASM
Basically, you’re replicating the same crunches you do on a mat in an upright position. Stand with your feet together, core
Second exercise - Standing mountain climbers "Alternate lifting knees with punching arms straightt up at the same time. Fast