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Ask about its emergency plan. Should you have a cardiac event, you want to be in the gym that's prepared for it. "Most gyms
Two of the most common new year's resolutions include getting in shape and saving money, but should you sign up for a low-cost gym if you're looking to get fit in 2015? We discuss why some claim cheap memberships trick members into not working out.
In order to answer these questions, Pivarnik began the study by asking other questions, such as, “Those that work out more
Find a coach and learn to deadlift. You may have no interest in pulling 1,000 pounds, but smart people know that stronger is better, and the deadlift is very good at making you stronger the right way.
A bouquet is nice, but the world is full of flowers in May. Why not get a little more creative for Mother's Day? Celebrate the mothers in your life (or drop some hints for your own gift) with these non-floral ideas:
I have nothing against gyms. You just need to ensure that your daily physical activity is not reliant upon whether or not you can make it to the gym.