The phenomenal success of Pokemon Go has inspired me. I have developed a new game for the gay male community that combines the best features of the augmented-reality game Pokemon Go with gay hook-up apps like Grindr. I call it Pokemon Gay.
Shoulders and Arms work well together as well. All these exercises will be demonstrated in the video at the end of this article
Makeover your mind to have an effect on the rest of your body.
Unlimited membership in New York City jumps from $125 to $190 on May 30.
More from Thrillist: And that's all before you hit the locker rooms. (Don't get me started on the perils of too much Axe
2. Cool it on the cologne. Some people smell funky, that's a given. Covering it up with perfume or cologne and adding a hefty
You signed up for a gym membership, which may, in fact, be one of your poorer decisions. But now you're locked into a contract, so you might as well make the most of it. If you don't want to catch a staph infection or get trapped on a treadmill between a heavy breather and a loud cellphone talker, avoid making these decisions when you hit the gym.
On left, Jordan Matelsky, Chief Technology Officer, and on right, Seal-Bin Han, Chief Executive Officer. Photos: FitMango
Even though this was only a few short decades ago, the entire gym-going population was itself a tribe. Now, there are myriad tribes within that tribe. And, beyond the gym, food predilections also break down into tribes.
State-of-the-art equipment, innovative classes, on-site salons, rooftop lounges and car washes -- if the fitness world had its own Oscars, we would nominate these ultra-luxe locales.
So be aggressive when treating nail fungus and walk happily ever after in open-toed shoes or sandals. Nail fungus is a common
"I always say we're selling pizza, they're selling cheeseburgers," said Rondeau. "We're geared to the first-time exerciser
Why have we made exercising -- at least the way we do it in the places that have come to be known as "health clubs" -- such an awful experience? If we're going to redefine success to include well-being, we also need to redefine getting in shape to include mental and soul fitness.
Training did not enter my life until several years after college. I was tired of feeling down, sluggish and inept. I was
These small, specialized studios offer the next big thing in fitness: results
The poll encouraged respondents to be descriptive, and here are some of the sights (not to mention the smells) that were
By Corrie Pikul Rethink the 15 minutes before you jump on the treadmill and you're guaranteed to have a better, more efficient
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