When you look back in history, these "hysteria" symptoms sound an awful lot like endometriosis.
Four women share their experience with the physical and emotional pain of endometriosis.
Students and faculty say C. L. Max Nikias failed to protect students from Dr. George Tyndall's sexual misconduct.
Some occurrences at your doctor's office aren't just "weird" -- they're wrong.
Our alma mater -- and universities everywhere -- has to build sustainable mechanisms of accountability.
In 2012, female representatives in Michigan were banned from using the word "vagina" on the House floor. At best we have
There is also a slight discrepancy in how often women should be screened, whether an annual visit is necessary, or if every
What seems like almost a tabloid style article -- You Won't Believe What Happened Next!-- is in fact a troublesome look into a little known part of the war on terror: our Constitution-free border zones.
I'm tired of doctors. I'm fed up with driving there, sitting there and filling out forms that take longer to do, than the duration of any of my illnesses.
Self-placed IUDs would mean women who don't have access to a doctor who can insert an IUD could take their future into their own hands. While this self-inserted IUD isn't available yet, it's still a promising look at the future of birth control.
How do women measure success? Is it by mothering and having a career? How do they carry out both forms of work to their satisfaction? What helps? What hurts?
The worst is when the doctor is elbow deep in uterus and they continue the conversation. My biggest fear is that the doctor will point out my imperfections while buck naked on the examination table, shooting a V in the stirrups.
Every girl needs a great gynecologist at the ready. They might seem cringeworthy, but these questions are totally within the realm of what's considered appropriate to ask your vagina guru. I should know, I'm married to one.
"Body image is how we feel about our total bodies, whereas genital self-image is how we feel specifically about the vulva
I can see the pupils dilate and the wheels begin to turn when people find out that I'm married to a gynecologist. My husband commenced his OB-GYN residency two weeks after we got married 23 years ago. I've heard it all and then some.
Get This Type of Birth Control "A topic that comes up at parties all the time? Yeast infections," Dweck says. "And yet, my
What's happening: Your cramps are so intense that you need to call in sick or cancel plans, and OTC meds can't help. What
Seventy percent of women try to self-treat a yeast infection before calling a doctor, found a study by the American Social