Officials are currently deciding which groups will get priority.
It triggers an epizootic -- a disease event involving a species of animal in a specific area -- rather than an epidemic, a
And communities that receive the socioeconomic benefits of their energy sector when the benefits of the company are reinvested
The global health threats posed by recent viral epidemics, such as avian flu, H1N1, Ebola and Zika, have been happening too frequently to be dismissed as coincidental.
So yet again, as a new virus emerges we need to be concerned but not panic. We need to use our knowledge to help overcome our fears.
Flu season is here and the most common strain is H1N1.
For much of the United States, winter means cold weather, snow, sleet and friendly reminders to get flu shots. Indeed, vaccinations
In one unique area of foreign policy -- the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief -- the United States has shown that Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives can work together, save lives and enhance our security -- all by doing good.
The poor protection offered by last season's flu shot was likely the result of a mismatch between the flu strains included