There were no reports of serious storm-related injuries. Haboobs are defined as “very strong dust and sand storms that move
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The region of Africa between Senegal and Ethiopia has long been subject to severe meningitis epidemics, which research now
But having just been through the wedding ceremony process from start to finish, I have happily discovered it is unremitting love that is indeed the strongest, and best, force in the universe.
Obviously anything called a haboob has to be pretty bad. Had Tolkien thought of such a name, he'd have based a trilogy on it. I, for one, can attest to how nasty a thing a haboob is.
[Found via Cafe Mom's The Stir] "At first, I was a little upset about it, but at the same time, what are you going to do
WATCH: No injuries were reported following the storm. This massive dust cloud is just another product of the Texas drought
In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Arizona who are fighting to keep our language free of foreign influence, I have singled out 10 words of Arabic origin and offered good old fashioned American language names for them.
The dust, also known as a haboob in Arabic and around Arizona, formed in Pinal County and headed northeast, reaching Phoenix