Going to the bathroom while wearing a wedding gown is hard. This simple hack makes it a heck of a lot easier.
We sat down with him to get his advice, so watch the video above to see it all! For more food drink and travel videos visit
PS: What are the downsides of not using it? PS: Is the federal government embracing two-factor authentication? It took Amazon
We bet you never thought of using eyeshadow primer for THIS.
Let Your Hair Set While Getting the Kids Ready Tracey Lomrantz, Director of Brand Marketing at Intermix (and former Glamour
Years later in 2010 when my book, Your Idea, Inc. was published and the recession was in full swing, my publisher's marketing
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We don’t always have time to sit down with our kids and eat at home. Whether they’re heading to soccer practice or a playdate
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Backpacking through Europe has been one of THE most popular tourist attractions for college students. I'm sure we've all
Keeping your house clean, once you have children, is like using a mixer on the highest setting -- nothing ends up where it should. I know this all too well, now that I have two children of my own.