One by one, the cities around this Iraqi town have fallen. Fallujah. Ramadi. The walled community of Hit.
Neocons and elite media personalities who got everything wrong on Iraq now darken my TV screen telling me to ignore the invasion, the eight-year occupation, the lies about weapons of mass destruction, "mushroom clouds" becoming "smoking guns," the torture at Abu Ghraib prison and everything else, and pretend the war started with General David Petraeus's miraculous "surge" where everything was wonderful in Iraq until the "dove" Obama pulled the plug. It's a nice narrative if your goal is partisan advantage, but like so much else we've heard from policy elites regarding Iraq, it has nothing to do with reality.
Today Bradley Manning was convicted on 20 of 22 counts, including violating the Espionage Act, releasing classified information and disobeying orders. That's the bad news. The good news is he was found not guilty on the charge of "aiding the enemy." That's 'cause who he was aiding was us, the American people. And we're not the enemy. Right?
A former Marine - who was set to replace a staff sergeant now on trial in connection with the killings of civilians in Haditha
In today's parlance, Iraq looks like a war that was brought to us by the 1 percent, for the 1 percent, and attempting to further some ill-defined geopolitical goal of the 1 percent.
How can a beautiful religion, which sustains me and hundreds of millions of others, turn into something ugly, harmful and poisonous like that?
Seven years after the invasion on contrived evidence of weapons of mass destruction and links to 9/11, many lessons about
Everybody in Iraq is paranoid. And I can't blame them. I've only been here four months, during a drastic cooling in the violence, and I feel like a cop showing up late to a domestic disturbance.
Outside, I trace the dark path of the river, below a blanket of blinking stars. The driver--a body armored man with the face
The Marines have accompanied the Iraqis about as far as they can go. Now they're feeling like a parent with a toddler on a bicycle. The training wheels have to come off at some point.
Sergeant Jeff Mahaffey's QRF (Quick Reaction Force) team is composed of 12 Marines and a medic. It is on call at all times. You could say Mahaffey's boys are the modern-day cavalry.
The right wing spin doctors raise money off the very name Murtha but what really came out of the Haditha investigations? Not what you think.
Read more on New York Times A First Amendment case has escalated between CBS News and a military court over a "60 Minutes
Will the presidential candidates be made to account for their position on waterboarding, torture, capital punishment, extraordinary rendition, and prisoner abuse?