This 14th century manuscript is known for its figures that have peculiar, bird-shaped heads.
Why is tomorrow night different from all other nights? This time, you can bring Bernie Sanders to the Seder table! Create your very own custom-made Bernie Haggadah. No one will fall asleep this year, what with the fervent debates about campaign finance, income inequality, the Middle East, and more.
The holiday celebrates the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt.
"It said he died in the synagogue on Pesach. When I asked my father, he said he remembered when it happened. I know the story
I love the idea of symbolism and note it in my own life on a daily basis. There was a time, not too far back in my personal
There is an ineffable thrill in passing the Passover story to the next generation that resists reduction. You don't have to believe it. You just have to tell it.
Shfokh hamatkha reminds me to pay attention to the hate that exists in the world, against us, and against others, but because it is said as we open the door for Elijah, it reminds me not to let the fear that hate evokes cloud our vision of what we are called to do to redeem the world.
Passover is fast approaching, and Jews the world over are planning their annual Seders. But the sad truth is, so many Seders are as dull as a piece of plain matzo. Now yours doesn't have to be! Just follow these simple steps to host a Seder that will seriously kick some ass.
Passover's chocolate layers new causes onto age-old themes of freedom, peoplehood and monotheism. Recent campaigns have responded to the need for chocolate that is both kosher for the festival and also fair trade certified. Until 2012 it was not possible to find both.
For one week each spring, grocery stores display both a Passover aisle and an Easter aisle, stocked with colorful baskets and a mountain of candy. And at the top of that confectionery Mt. Sinai? The Cadbury Creme Egg.
The Haggadah can take many forms. "The word Haggadah means telling," Rabbi Bradley Hirschfield told The Huffington Post, "and
While plays that are set in a time and place far removed from today are often referred to as "historical dramas" or "period pieces," the knowledge of different historical periods bestowed on us through paintings, sculpture, and literature allows us to have fun with history.
The Festival of Passover just ended, not with a bang but a whimper. There was no big ritual, no loud family gathering, no singing, no telling the powerful story of our journey out of Egypt, Mitzrayim, the narrow place. Maybe that's because the journey doesn't really end.
Passover, in many respects, is among the most accessible and relatable moments on the Jewish calendar. It invites us to immerse ourselves in the Jewish narrative in a way no other holiday does.
For Passover this year, Rizzoli has just released The Bronfman Haggadah, written by the businessman, philanthropist and Jewish community leader Edgar Bronfman Sr., illustrated by artist Jan Aronson, who is also Bronfman's wife.
You can download and print off the entire Bob Marley Haggadah here. Check out a few selections below from the Bob Marley