haider al-abadi

Iraq's abuse of civilians will make it easy for the next version of the extremist group to recruit.
So long as murder, torture and other human rights violations recur with impunity among Shiite forces operating in Sunni Iraqi provinces, there will be little reason to remain optimistic for the stability of Iraq.
Iraq's divided politics are focused on defeating ISIS, but unless a fair political solution for Sunnis, Kurds, and Shias
The move postpones a battle expected to be one of the biggest ever fought against ISIS.
ISIS has administered Fallujah since 2014. The black flags of ISIS were hung by Iraq's Sunnis, not by foreign fighters. Sunnis welcomed ISIS as an alternative to the Shiite-led government in Baghdad, which marginalized the country's Sunni population and polarized the population.
The government has interviewed top officials and is gathering more data in its own investigation.
A photo of Haider al Abadi looking at a damaged sofa inspired the hashtag “My couch, my pride" and countless memes.
President Obama’s plan for fighting the Islamic State is predicated on having a credible and effective Iraqi ally on the
The report named several Iraqi officials, including former oil minister Hussein al-Shahristani who it alleged had accepted millions of dollars in bribes.
As long as the Sunni Iraqis do not know what the future has in store for them, they will be unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to battle ISIS only to benefit the Shiite government in Baghdad, which they despise even more than ISIS.