Israel's Arab Christians -- and "McJesus" creator Jani Leinonen -- want the sculpture removed from the Haifa Museum of Art.
Elska's latest issue visits one of the nation's diverse but lesser known cities.
In 1999, I was assigned to be a roving war correspondent in Sub-Saharan Africa. I established my base in Johannesburg, South Africa, and from there travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where I reported from the front lines of the long and ruthless war raging there.
This is the story of two boys - an Egyptian and an Israeli - united in their convictions but separated by circumstances.
Ceremonies to the deity included drinking, sacrifices and rituals involving nudity and sex.
Iris Zaki's new documentary, "Women In Sink," goes behind the scenes at an unlikely bastion of coexistence.
"Yes, it's like building a house and then exploding it," he laughs. "I really think it's about an explosion because the assassination
Poem on the Way Home from Tel Aviv I want to say that Haifa's coast outside the train window is beautiful, but not any more
Meet Ali Suliman. Not only does Suliman embody all of the above qualities and possess each and every one of those talents, but he's also a great interview.
The most notable observation I made was that the vast majority of Israelis that I spoke with wanted to find a peaceful solution. Whether they were Israeli Jews or Israeli Arabs, they wanted an end to the violence.