There is purpose in places and days in which sadness and injustice are real, but also in places and moments of happiness
The following quotations were found outside the entrance to Manhattan Mini Storage on l07th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam
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Hey, nice to meet you! / Check out these recent photos / As I have no shame
It states: "Most haiku in English consist of three unrhymed lines of seventeen or fewer syllables, with the middle line longest
Over six years ago, sitting on an airplane home from visiting family in Florida, I wrote the first of what would become thousands of haiku.
Four men do their best. Yet none of it will matter. Life, for them, is pain.
A haiku is a Japanese three-line poem, 17 syllables, written in 5/7/5 syllable count. After three hours on the runway, then a cancelled flight, followed by six more hours at the airport, it was time to devote myself to this ancient literary form.
Last year I wrote a 360-page book that attracted the attention of one of the world's most celebrated literary agents. He was so moved by my writing that he immediately took me on as a client and, one week later, sold my book to one of New York's leading publishing houses.
But don't the day's little moments make you want to laugh, cry, or sigh with relief? Doesn't it all add up to love, or something like it? And isn't that worth pausing to remember? A haiku is only seventeen syllables, after all.
Truth: Family vacations are a whirlwind of frantically keeping your people entertained and happy when what you want is to be bored. Just for 10 minutes. One minute. One second.
Get up too early/ and you have to make coffee/Too late -- it's all gone/ We struggled for blocks /to schlep this gear to the beach/ NOW you have to poop?
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There's only so much Febreeze a parent can go through before the fumes start to attack the nervous system. Instead of fighting the frustration of no longer being able to see my feet over my boobs, I'm channeling it into wine-tinged poetry.
Kindergarteners carrying gifts home to moms arms straight out in front.
Haiku is just ideal for moms because when you only have 17 syllables, you tend to get right to the heart of the matter -- like how quickly your boy is becoming a man.
For centuries, man has placed his faith in an invisible force. Something that could be felt, feared even, but which remains unseen.