Haim Saban

Fireworks were on display at the debate featuring candidates for Democratic National Committee chair.
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has repeatedly trashed super PACs and claimed he would run as a candidate who couldn't be bought. Through the end of April, it looked like no one really wanted to try that anyway.
The ad focuses on the average contribution to Sanders' campaign as a contrast to the high dollar events Clinton will attend this weekend.
"Many members of the Hollywood community are very liberal and they value their civil liberties more than they value life. I disagree with that."
WASHINGTON -- The Democratic Party and Hollywood have a long history together, and former secretary of state and Democratic
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's position on the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in a recently-released letter does not bode well for her future foreign policy.
More troubling news emerged this past weekend for those trying to prop up the once solid, now faltering, bipartisan backing for Israel.
For those that need a primer, the BDS movement is well-funded by forces that cannot be identified. Yet, we all know which countries are probably funding this unrest. One needn't be a rocket scientist to start to trace the money.
There are few known big-money Clinton backers at this point who raised funds for Obama’s re-election in 2012 but did not
Over the last year, Clinton has begun to strike a more cautious tone in her discussions of nuclear negotiations. Though she