hair loss

If you experience hair thinning, it could be due to hormones, stress, vitamin deficiencies and other causes. Experts explain more.
Women living with hair loss explain the stigmas they face, and how they overcame feelings of alienation.
Hair often signifies a sense of pride, acceptance and femininity. When it's gone, it can bring a sense of shame.
The Massachusetts lawmaker recently revealed she suffers from alopecia. She's embracing the condition and working to reduce the stigma of it.
"I want to be free of the secret and the shame," the Massachusetts representative said, showing her bald head for the first time.
I’ve worked toward self-acceptance. I just wish the rest of the world would catch up.
We asked experts about the causes of hair loss, and how to stop it.
The actor said "British men set a very low bar" when it comes to vanity.
Collagen “Viviscal is known for having marine-based collagen which is like a fish protein and I’ve used it for years and
If anything was a bright red stop sign telling me to cut out spiraling thoughts, this was it.