All licensed beauty professionals will learn to spot signs of abuse.
So to my friend who quit her favorite salon, and my friend who drives an hour out of her way and my friend who now colors her hair at home, STOP! I know it's uncomfortable, but of all our issues, hair should be taken off the list
His chairside talks on the socio-economic realities of third world countries give me anxiety. For awhile, I considered using someone else...
I can hear him before I see him. I hear the front door close, keys are set down on the counter...
1. "Money grows on you." Hairdressing is often described as "recession-proof" because it is one of the last purchases consumers
I sit in a salon chair with each one of those large breasts beside my two ears as Crystal stands behind me checking my current hair color under the light.
Today when I'm asked how did I come up with the idea for Nurse Ratched's hairstyle in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, I recall a certain photo...
HARLEM — As a hairdresser for the past 23 years, Rochelle Walters often develops very personal relationships with her clients
"While I have not yet had any skin cancers diagnosed this way," Alexis told HuffPost, "This is always a possibility." He
Besides temporarily changing their look to create a character for a role, I have watched many actors continually make revisions in their actual appearance.