As journalist Matt Baume finds, the "Hairspray" filmmaker and his muse's influence is still seen in Disney's "Little Mermaid" villain, Ursula, and on Broadway.
"I couldn’t escape the feeling that there was something different about me."
My baby nephew is pretty much always happy. If he falls, he cries for a minute and then it is all smiles. I always say it
The swag ban came about in the 2005-2006 season when the Tony Awards Administration Committee added a rule that stated: "Producers
As soon as Shoshana Bean was announced for Funny Girl at North Shore Musical Theatre, I knew I had to go. Months ago I wrote
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Global protests for action on climate change receive no coverage in corporate media; New evacuations
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Fanning her hair to get the last of the smoke out of it, Gail would gently undo the curls, leave them in place, then spray