A member of New Zealand's Muslim community said he appreciated the students' gesture.
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Sport has always been a part of Jamal Khalil Atkins' life. The second son of Albert William Atkins and Jeannette Sykes Atkins, Jamal's parents incorporated a philosophy of life that exalted and combined a high respect of body, will and mind.
The team received a 15-yard penalty for performing a traditional war dance.
"None of us get out of life alive, so be gallant, be great, be gracious, and be grateful for the opportunities you have."
"The bystanders were amazed and confused but were silent after the haka was done."
  A New Zealand school has honored a late teacher with national pride and unity.  The entire student body of Palmerston North
On Aug. 18 of last year, an IED strike in Afghanistan took the lives of three New Zealand soldiers: Corporal Luke Tamatea
Rugby teams in New Zealand often employ an unusual intimidation tactic at matches: They perform the Haka, a traditional Maori
Between wedding season and the abundance of summer festivals currently happening, people all over the globe are putting on their dancing shoes and busting out moves. Here are our favorite dance traditions around the world with our list of top 10 local dances.