Hakeem Jeffries

The Emmy-nominated actor said he has more experience playing Mueller publicly than Mueller has.
New York's corrupt machine is running its own show for House Democrats.
The House speaker's prescription is for more investigations.
The legislation, which was first unveiled last year, would declassify cannabis as a controlled substance.
The New York congressman said he would not "over-investigate" and "over-politicize" Trump's relationship with Russia.
The White House chief of staff said Trump doesn't want another shutdown, but he would do it if necessary.
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats connected Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights struggle to the fight against Trump today.
“What Donald Trump and the Republicans want to do is waste $5 billion in taxpayer money on an ineffective, medieval border wall that is a 5th-century solution to a 21st-century problem."
California Rep. Barbara Lee lost, but the Congressional Progressive Caucus still made big gains.
The congressman from New York beat fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Barbara Lee of California.
The conservative social media duo said they weren't paid by the president's campaign... but campaign filings indicate otherwise.
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) saluted Lauryn Hill, Lil' Kim and others.
"We know he went from negative to positive and emerged as one of the world’s most important hip hop stars."
But Democrats see no room for discussion. "What is it that we have to study?" she asked. "Hatred in its manifestation of
The United States Dept. of Justice is investigating Garner’s death to determine whether Pantaleo violated Garner’s civil
"There are significant movements taking place all across the country. Although they may be new to some of us, they are not
"The decision by a grand jury not to indict in the death of Eric Garner is a miscarriage of justice, it's an outrage, it's
The St. Louis Rams recently joined in by raising their hands during pre-game introductions at Sunday's home game. This show
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) was re-elected to Congress in New York's 8th congressional district on Tuesday. Jeffries, who