Hakeem Jeffries

Jeffries, a staunch AIPAC ally, is not on board with the pro-Israel group’s efforts to oust two Democratic members of the House.
The House minority leader told MSNBC what the MAGA wing really believes.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, in a joint statement, put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"How dare you lecture America about fiscal responsibility," the House Democratic leader told Republicans in a fiery speech.
A new coordinated campaign within the New York State Democratic Party aims to correct for past mistakes.
The House minority leader slammed House Republicans for their apathy and support for Greene's extremism.
The top House Democrat castigated Republicans for inaction after the Tennessee mass shooting that killed three children and three adults.
"They continue to peddle conspiracy theories led by this so-called weaponization committee," the House Democratic leader said of the GOP majority.
The House speaker has defended his decision to hand the Fox News host 41,000 hours of Jan. 6 Capitol riot surveillance footage.
It took 15 rounds of voting to elect the California Republican as speaker of the House. It’s the longest the election for speaker has taken in more than 150 years.