Hal Rogers

Failing to fund a response means less tracking, less understanding, slower creation of a vaccine and more people infected.
It's getting warmer, and lawmakers just keep fighting.
Lawmakers are still hung up on a few details in the omnibus spending bill.
In October 2013, the Treasury Department announced that it would stop providing funding for conventional coal plants abroad
"The Appropriations process cannot be used to 'de-fund' the agency. The agency has the ability to continue to collect and
If the Republican leadership can sell it to enough of its members, it could be a way out of the perpetual crisis machine that the budget has become. By separating the politics from the actual real-world results, it allows both factions of the Republican Party to get what they want.
Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) was projected to defeat Democrat Kenneth Stepp in the state's 5th Congressional District on Tuesday
Professional. Bipartisan. Serious. Mature. Those are four words that you would not ordinarily associate with Washington politics. But guess what? The Republican House and the Democratic president actually came together on an issue.
Frankel was not the only member with Russian stock holdings who sought to put distance between herself and her Russian assets
As members of Congress and the Obama administration scramble to respond to the increasing threat posed by the Russian military in Ukraine, economic sanctions are emerging as the United States' preferred method of exercising its leverage.