Hal Sparks

It's amazing to see what the iconic series predicted -- and what it completely missed, Matt Baume finds.
The groundbreaking LGBTQ series has enjoyed a second life among binge-watching audiences.
Since he's a relatively youthful 45-year-old, it's genuinely hard to think of Hal Sparks as an elder statesman of broadcasting. But then again, given that Sparks booked his first professional TV hosting gig while still in high school, he's already got over a quarter-of-a-century of in-front-of-the-camera time under his belt.
As Pride month comes to a close, YouTube is bringing together their global community to celebrate. The site is featuring
I had the pleasure of talking with Hal recently about his career and his passion for guitars. I also found out he's a talented musician. He has performed with Sebastian Bach, Wynonna Judd and Gladys Night. That's pretty serious!
I talked with actor Hal Sparks, star of Disney XD's top-rated TV series Lab Rats and one of my personal favorites, the groundbreaking series Queer As Folk.
Trust me, it is nerd thing. When I approached both guys, it was cool, "Hey, I blog on HuffPo and I am trying to break into
I think they were under the mistaken impression that I was a Hollywood player. I've never been on a board before. I have no organizational experience. And everything I know about the law, I learned from the OJ trial.
Twitter is an excellent tool for joke-telling by both would-be comedians and seasoned professionals -- and TweetTheJoke.com
In the five years since Fantasia, Fields and others under Oprah's umbrella and Griffin's direction took Broadway by storm, "The Color Purple" has only matured and ripened.
Outside the hotel on Wilshire Boulevard across from the Beverly Hilton, Lieutenant Dan Choi was surrounded by several hundred gay rights/equal rights supporters who hung on his every word.
It becomes clearer by the day that truth was never the goal of the Bush administration's use of torture and they were in need of false information that was shaped by torture.