Nearly a week has gone by since the Supreme Court’s unexpected decision to enlist in the latest effort to destroy the Affordable
The ACA's opponents may be willing to say anything in their efforts at another chance in front of the Supreme Court, but what they're saying about en banc review doesn't make much more sense than what they've been saying about the meaning of the ACA.
It is honorable no doubt to defend federal judges against the charge that they are merely "partisan hacks." But there is no doubt that lawyers expect party ideology to affect those judges' rulings and that they are wise to do so.
There's a whole bunch of smartypants legalese involved in these lawsuits, but our 60-year-old brand mascot friend has the
President Barack Obama suffered a setback Tuesday in a legal battle that threatens to unravel his health care reform law
Bad news for over half of the 8 million Americans that signed up for Obamacare.