half ton killer

Mayra Rosales rose to fame in 2008 for claiming to have killed her 2-year-old nephew by sitting on him. She weighed 1,100
Mike takes a look at the top crime stories, including Jodi Arias' tweet denying she threatened to put a hit on a prosecutor, Ariel Castro's death "definitely" ruled a suicide, the "Half-Ton Killer" wanted to die, and smuggling meth in ice cream.
The infamous Texas woman, who once topped the scales at more than 1,000 pounds, revealed Monday that she confessed to a murder her sister committed because her weight made her feel close to death.
"A lot of it is the diet," she told Access Hollywood last month. "I'm eating healthy food. Everything is measured by a dietician
In the last 24 months, Mayra Rosales has had two heavy loads lifted from her. Doctors also testified that Eliseo died from
The shocking story of Mayra Rosales and the 2008 death of her young nephew were spotlighted on TLC's "Half-Ton Killer?" Rosales
"When you first walk in, she's got a blanket covering her; there's pillows all around her and so you don't know whether it's
But her lawyer knew something else was at play, according to "Half-Ton Killer," a new documentary that airs Oct. 10 on TLC