halftime show

During a splashy performance featuring a medley of his greatest hits, the R&B singer inadvertently gave people on Twitter fodder for the best meme of the night.
The R&B hitmaker poured $7 million of his own money into the halftime show performance.
The "Blinding Lights" singer said he was "honored and ecstatic" to be performing at the big game, which will face COVID-19 logistical challenges.
If only we all had a former Yankee cheering us on from the sidelines like Jennifer Lopez.
Emme, Lopez's 11-year-old daughter, joined her mom for an epic duet.
The two pop icons delivered with a high-octane halftime show to remember.
They joined the Laker Girls cheerleaders for the halftime show against Oklahoma City Thunder.
The singers announced the exciting news on their respective social media pages Thursday.
Travis Scott will join Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl halftime show in Atlanta, Ga.
The comedian also encouraged Maroon 5 to pull out of the halftime show in solidarity.