halloween activities

If you're on the fence about letting your kids walk around door-to-door on Halloween (or maybe your kiddo is too little to do so yet), here are some fun alternatives for Halloween night that still allows kids and teens to have fun celebrating Halloween.
Within a few more steps, the five remaining boys were all gripping one of my hands, arms or legs, and one (a boy I didn't know) had his entire head in my jacket.
Ricky and HuffPost Weird News Editor Andy Campbell take a tour through 'Killer,' a haunted house based on real-life serial killers.
There's nothing like a good old-fashioned hayride to get you into the Halloween spirit. Here are some of the best across the country.
That wasn't your fault, the ridge got in the way. Just take a wet paper towel and wipe away that line and redraw... you know what? It's gonna be fine. It'll be abstract.
1. Volunteer to be the designated candy distributor. Someone's gotta do the job, right? Not only are you in charge of the
During a recent sojourn to San Jose, we stumbled upon several spooky reasons why the Capital of Silicon Valley is the place to celebrate Halloween this year.
Several hours, two meltdowns (both mine) and a hellacious mess later, we had our two-pound Halloween House.