Halloween With Kids

It's time to come clean, parents. All the way out of the candy-stealing closet. It's time to stand up for ourselves and demand our rights, because you know what? Kids can't do this trick-or-treat thing without us.
Take cuteness (and creepiness) to a whole new level.
Follow HuffPost Parents's board Halloween on Pinterest. You know what they say... the family that dresses up together, stays
As a parent, you don't have much of a choice about participating in Halloween. The National Retail Federation estimates that
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"Evil fizz" was not only appalled by the skimpy cuts and suggestive material she saw throughout the stores, she also couldn't
The "you can't be a princess, you're a boy" dilemma is as old as princesses themselves. What's crazy to me is the idea of a parent telling their kid they can't be something they want to be.
What can we do to enjoy the festivities without being a nutrition Scrooge? Here are some of my sneaky tips to help control the sugar attack in our house
I love Halloween. A lot of people hate Halloween but those people are lame. One thing I love about it, is that we get to show what good parents we are.
They're trendy, cool, always dressed to the nines -- and they're under four feet tall. Celebrity parents make sure their