"Western medicine is the most sophisticated system of healing ever devised, but it's still got a lot of holes in it."
As ASAPScience's Mitchell Moffit says in the video, "Ultimately, scientists believe that the laws need to change around clinical
The best way to guess at how an ergot-like fungus would have affected dinosaurs, Poinar told The Huffington Post in an email
For centuries, "magic" mushrooms have been both celebrated and reviled for their mind-expanding properties.
"We find that the psychedelic state is associated with a less constrained and more intercommunicative mode of brain function
Josh is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the effects of magical mushrooms on the brain on this week's Nerd's Forum.
h/t VICE The illicit blotter collection has grown over time, surpassing the collections of the FBI and DEA. McCloud has watched
Knowledge really can be power. And, in that spirit, here are some of the websites I've found that do the best job of explaining
I often wonder, given sufficient whisky and irony and time: Has there ever been a more delightfully inept, wince-inducing oxymoron in the tortured American lexicon than 'conservative Christian?' I am almost completely serious.
In Australia, dogs are getting addicted to the hallucinogenic sweat that oozes off the backs of cane toads.
Henriette Heise Darkness Machine, 2010 Blackout fabric Basically, leave your peace signs and banjos at home. Take a look
Janeen Delany describes herself as an "old hippie" who has smoked plenty of marijuana. But she never really dabbled in hallucinogens
The point of this post is not to promote the use of hallucinogens, but understanding the biological and psychological mechanisms by which psilocybin exerts its effects is important, as we may be able to simulate the effects using other methods.
I'm looking at you, Johns Hopkins University, for once again coming out with a timid little study reinforcing what everyone already knew. Once again, we find that magic mushrooms really are rather astonishing wonderfungi.
After a long day of roaming the wild, can you blame a bird for throwing back a few fermented berries? The list includes birds
When the Harvard psychologist and psychedelic explorer Timothy Leary first met the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 1960, he welcomed
We all hope that the art we view can inspire us, as the audience, to take a different perspective on an age old question
TELLURIDE -- With the jam band Phish coming to Telluride in August for two sold-out concerts, law enforcement and emergency
2012: Time for Change is basically a hodgepodge of enthusiastic interviews about what can be done to raise consciousness before the Mayan doomsday of 2012.