Kyrie Irving The name of the NBA basketball star is a unisex Greek name used in the church refrain Kyrie Eleison. Thanks
Johnson recounts how she became an in-demand globetrotting superstar hanging out at fashion designer Halston's legendary parties with Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor, going to Studio 54, her relationship with tennis legend Arthur Ashe and much more.
Why not return to the days of real cultural exchange with Iran and other countries of the region, a time when beauty trumped bombs?
Indiana is a state with a considerable creative history, where the arts are alive and hanging in there.
Wolverine - 254 Elizabeth Street No, you won't find Hugh Jackman here (darn it), but you will find great, wearable boots
Philosophically, one of my favorite subjects is to justify fashion's relevance historically and socially. Our "suiting up" is not only the stuff that carries individuals through their days and endeavors, it marks time and place and reflects us as accurately as any song or news story might.
And Scatter's tangential message? Just as profound: In the words of Carl Sagan (a quote I have used before and will use again and again) we are such "...an interesting species. An interesting mix. (We) are capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares."
Galliano describes "hearing the rustle of the taffeta" and "being able to smell the perfume on the girl." The glee that once was Galliano's shines through still, alive and well. Galliano brings fairy tales to life, although he's been very close to losing his own.
Fashion fiends, in particular Yves Saint Laurent devotees, will get a chance to lay their fervent hands on some sleek loot on April 8.
Here's a little run through my favourite fashion flicks - all documentaries, rather than promo marketing videos or feature films - and a few that I've put on my Wish List.
Through his unconvential documentary Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston, director Whitney Sudler-Smith explores the exciting rise and devastating fall of America's first real celebrity designer.
Meet uber-models and dynamic duo Heide Lundgren and Georgi Badiel, the co-founders of Models 4 Water. Models 4 Water is dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to Ms. Badiel's homeland of Burkina Faso, Africa and beyond.
No time to page through thousands of eBay listings? Then just sneak a peek at my weekly eBay roundup of top vintage clothing finds.
"A Look Back" is a daily column that highlights a moment from fashion's fabulous past. Today's pick is a photo of Liza Minnelli
I cannot wrap my mind around how the unveiling of the Missoni line at Target was worth people lining up for miles, playing punch and grab and then reselling it all online for higher prices. These people do know the store of origin is Target, right?
2011-08-02-Screenshot20110802at4.33.16PM.jpg We're back here once again, watching Heidi, Nina, and Michael Kors blithely destroy young dreams.
This eclectic mix of designer and non-designer vintage clothing and accessories caught my discerning eye because of their
No time to page through thousands of eBay listings? Then just sneak a peek at my weekly eBay roundup of top vintage clothing