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"Radical Women" and "We Wanted a Revolution" were among the best shows of the year. But women artists deserve more.
Now that the exhibition is closed and the artworks are on their way back home to London, it's difficult to not perceive it
Another museum exhibition that you definitely don't want to miss is the LACMA's "Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715
I thought that because I love art, my kids would automatically love art too. I imagined my children would be cultured and we would spend our weekends visiting walking through museums and galleries. I was wrong!
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This elegantly installed exhibition is the first museum show of Marcia Hafif's works in her home state in 40 years. And looking at the informative, well-designed exhibition catalog, I gained a new level of understanding and appreciation of the artist's work.
I have been advised on a number of occasions not to mix art and politics -- always heated subjects. But in the last few days I went to two museums where these subjects were mixed to maximum effect.
In today's world of art and architecture, there is one name that unquestionably tops the list of greats, and that would be, who else? -- of course -- the one and only Frank Gehry.
In a lively conversation, the two transportation leaders spent the night riffing on how the streets and public spaces revolution happened in New York and elsewhere and what might be in store for Los Angeles on Reynolds' watch.
Some brilliant ideas in architecture and design are being presented at galleries and museums around the world right now. From a modernist master in Sydney, to an innovative thinker in London, here are five exhibitions to plan for in the coming months.
What does an angst-ridden comedienne tackling abortion onstage and in her personal life, a closeted heir to a vast fortune with a yen for Olympic-bound wrestlers, and a concierge bedding septuagenarians have in common? They are all characters in films selected by the curators of the Museum of Modern Art.
One hopes that this happy marriage between visual art and theater performance will continue to flourish in LA.
James Joyce is blooming everywhere. New biographies have just appeared about his life as well as that of his publisher and supporter, Sylvia Beach.
If you were to ask writer, independent curator and antiquarian bookseller Victoria Dailey "What is the most shocking image of the late 19th century?" her answer would likely surprise you.
Eugene Grasset, La Morphinomane [The Morphine Addict], 1897. Color lithograph, 22 ½ x 16 7/8 inches (57.2 x 42.9 cm). Collection
Exhibitions: Forrest Bess: Seeing Things Invisible at the Hammer Museum, September 29, 2013 - January 5, 2014 Kristian Burford
Several months ago, I said in my program that major LA museums should be more generous by offering free admission to the
Head to the Hammer Museum this Sunday to check out James Welling: Monograph and Forrest Bess: Seeing Things Invisible. Start