hammerhead shark

MTV declined to comment on whether Alex Kompothecras, of the show "Siesta Key," was involved in the incident.
See what happens when a shark films the ocean bottom with a GoPro camera.
All fishermen have at least one catch they'll never forget. For a group in Venice, Florida, it was a 12-foot hammerhead shark
Though Quattro first revealed his suspicion that the specific hammerhead constituted a new species in the journal Marine
Shark populations around the world have declined precipitously in recent decades, with millions of the iconic fish falling
Finally, they got the shark onto the deck and as quickly as possible moved it off to the side and pushed it back into the
Scalloped hammerhead and oceanic white tip sharks were denied protection at the Conference on International Trade in Endangered
Shockwaves rippled through the scientific community and also through most of my apartment today when I read a story about a hammerhead shark in Omaha, Nebraska that had experienced a "virgin birth."