Hampton University

The Hampton University head softball coach said the school is "blessed" to have Davis.
In my opinion, graduating from college is a huge milestone—one that should be commemorated with gifts, selfies, laughter
Ariyana Davis said it was important for her to go to a school "that feels like home."
Williams, her sister, Venus, and several touring professional tennis players of color are standing on the shoulders of giants. Many of those giants call HBCUs and MSIs their home. Here's a list of some of those that have and continue to impact the world of tennis.  
"My vision is to be of service to others and build positive relationships that will promote the best of America.”
Since all the political news is terrible and only getting worse, I decided to reflect on something very personal this week -- about a great event that happened this weekend.
Daring to go against the norm was nerve-wracking, however, having the opportunity to open this new door of queer representation, on my campus, overpowered all of my doubts.
On February 4th, 2016, us students at Hampton University received notice that our first LGBTQ organization was approved by administration. We call our organization "Mosaic," an acronym defined as "Motivating Open-minded Social Acceptance and Inspiring Change."
Whether you believe it or not, your decision to own and share your truth has already inspired someone else to do the same. Like yourself, I was raised in a black household, in a black neighborhood, and attended a black church. Like yourself, my experience at my HBCU was bittersweet.
Why wouldn't you want to be around all this black excellence?