The "hamster mom" shared all kinds of adventures with her new pet on Twitter.
Buying a car is an important decision and one that tends to be based on the answers to a multitude of questions. But the most important question you should always remember to ask yourself is, how well does this vehicle suit the needs of my entire family, including pets?
When a pet gets sick and doesn't have much time left, many incredible families will create bucket lists to make the animal's
There are two songs that I'd like you keep in mind while reading this story, and when I say 'GO' you must promise to quietly hum the song to yourself, or sing it out load if you are in a place where NO ONE will be disturbed by the fact that your singing off key, or recognize that your tone-deaf.
When you discuss acquiring a pet with your youngster, cover the topic of permanency. Help your child understand pets are not like toys that can be tossed aside or given away if he grows bored with them. Make sure he understands the commitment he is making is for the lifetime of the pet.
Check out more clips on the show's website. The clip, from the BBC's new "Pets - Wild at Heart" series, shows the hamster
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