One anchor just asked a Michigan mayor if she's "afraid" of the city's growing Muslim population.
A whimsical idea for a floral installation turned into so much more.
Welcome to Disney’s very unofficial Northern outpost: It is almost hidden, appearing suddenly in the middle of an otherwise nondescript alley, and it's a necessary stop for any visitor searching for markers of the Motor City’s eclectic and original soul. It’s a frenetic, exuberant love letter to color, movement and play, never quite the same from one visit to the next. This is “Hamtramck Disneyland,” and, following the death of creator Dmytro Szylak, its future is at risk.
"It's part of an inclusive approach to building communication and community with our neighbors," she says. "You have to go
When William Kadar, a World War II veteran who served in France, got his Army-issued duffel bag returned by a French teen
Hamtramck’s chief administrative officer or Council now has seven days to request a hearing. Under PA 436 of 2012, the city
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder appointed a financial review team Wednesday to look at the books of Hamtramck, a city within Detroit
Hamtramck -- Two proposals to build mosques are raising tensions here as Muslims seek to raise their political influence
The Hamtramck Recycling & Transfer Center is getting close to opening and expects to create a few dozen jobs when it begins
A map and schedule for the festival can be picked up on the day from participating locations like Public Pool, 3309 Caniff