hand gestures

"At least Beto’s hand movements don’t include grabbing p%#$&, so he’s got that going for him," snarked one Twitter wit.
Here are just some of the meanings of Buddhist mudras, or hand gestures.
Rather than chancing it next time you're abroad, here's a list of common gesticulations to avoid.
With New Year's 2014, world attention turns to the coming winter Olympics in Sochi. Egypt recently banned its athletes from displaying the Rabaa, a four-fingered hand gesture favored by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.
We're not really sure why, but we found this video of a young woman named Veronika explaining Italian hand gestures utterly
Words and gestures are experienced and interpreted in the exact same areas of the brain. To our detriment, we use these gestures unconsciously in ways that affect our body, our mind and worst of all our spirit.
"Rude Hand Gestures of the World: A Guide to Offending Without Words
" By Roman Lefevre, with photographs by Daniel Castro