From a Lululemon diaper bag to luxury totes from Louis Vuitton and Chloe, these high-end picks are stylish, roomy and practical.
The 22-year-old Jamaican American designer talks about the meaning behind his brand’s name, creating fashion with intention, and, of course, those well-meaning comparisons to the Telfar bag.
Disney has recently introduced a line of elegant, metal 3D Model Kits. These kits, by Metal Earth, depict classic Disney
One of the last things you would think of is starting a business while battling a life threatening illness. Yet for Heidi Kelly there was a growing business in midst of 2 diagnoses of breast cancer, 4 surgeries, 4 rounds of chemo and 35 trips to the hospital.
Choosing an investment bag is a little like choosing a husband. You may be overwhelmingly attracted to the most gorgeous, flamboyant one -- but so will a lot of other women -- and that kind of passion tends to cool off quickly.
This gift hits all the marks; monogrammed, a statement bag or luggage. Graduation season is time to celebrate huge milestones
INK STAINS: This is a problem most of us have on occasion. Keep a white eraser in your handy drawer. If your stain is fresh
I invented Ohyo Bottle as a handy, collapsible water bottle that's easy to take anywhere and extend to fill from a fountain
Not long before the holidays, my husband gave me the perfect gift -- one that I use frequently, provides an immediate emotional lift, contains long-term health benefits and didn't cost him a cent. The gift? Freedom from the "tyranny of the purse."
Need some inspiration for fabulous luxury holiday gifts to give this year? Below are some of my favorites to help you select gifts for the very special people in your life.