The victim, who remains in the hospital, didn't have a license to carry a handgun in Indiana, police said.
The students reported what they found to a school bus driver.
The driver kept going after a mysterious object struck his car.
The 18-year-old age restriction to buy long guns, including assault-style rifles, is a vestige of a half-century-old law.
"Curious kids and loaded guns have deadly consequences," the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department later tweeted.
Don Draper famously said, "If you don't like what's being talked about, change the conversation." That is precisely what we must do to address the problem of gun deaths and injuries in our nation.
Officials said Monday that remains discovered along a trail just outside Kenai on Saturday appear to belong to a family of four that went missing in May of last year. Police also found at the scene the remains of a dog that may be the family's, and a handgun.
Good news for anyone looking to use an iPad in a war zone: a new bulletproof iPad case is now on the market, according to
The woman -- whose name is being withheld because she may be the victim of a sexual crime -- wasn't shocked and "thought
"It was totally unprovoked. The victim was working in his yard with his back to the shooter," Lt. Paul Child, of the Centerville
Kroll then dove under the water and emerged on the other of the boat. While underwater, Kroll believes he heard a gunshot
DUMB CRIME MUGSHOTS: Hayes left the party and returned with a handgun he had retrieved from his apartment, then confronted
Dressed in pajamas and armed with a handgun for a night walk with a friend in his Clifton neighborhood, Michael Simpson was
The reported man with a gun was not located, and police remained on the scene Wednesday afternoon. The school's Web site
Northwestern University police are investigating a report of a man with a gun in one of the buildings on its Chicago campus
A Chicago Police detective has been charged with theft of services and aggravated assault for allegedly pulling a gun on
Los Angeles police say the grandson of the late Walt Disney has been arrested on suspicion of illegal gun possession. Read