Last Friday, thirteen people were randomly shot in the Ft. Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport. By the end of the day, five innocent people had died. All but one was on their way to a Florida vacation.
New regulation would need to be very restrictive. Millions of these guns would have to be removed from circulation to see any measurable effect on public safety, a politically impossible lift.
If you are someone who wants to carry a gun around to be that Good Guy hero, please know that I don't feel safe around you. I feel terrified around you. You are not my hero. When I see a gun, I start to sweat and my pulse goes up.
His family says they had no idea he even had a gun.
Guns are quiet manipulators of what we see and believe as well. One thing their hidden prismatic activity does is accentuate the division of the world into victims and victimizers. This lens also accentuates a sense of innate fear of others as opposed to an innate sense of safety.
The last thing I want to do is put people down for being afraid, or, even worse, to belittle the pain and hurt people are feeling. Additionally, it's important to acknowledge that even as murder rates in the U.S. appear to have dropped equally across racial lines, black Americans remain about eight times as likely as whites and four times as likely as Latinos to be victims of murder.