hands free mama

What was given to me at the airport -- comfort, assurance, security, and validation -- should be given to all children, and the time is now.
Perhaps time is running short and you only have a few seconds to say good night. Make it count by speaking words that nourish the human heart and foster growth & acceptance.
My friend, you have feelings. They are real. They are worth listening to and acknowledging.
During my highly-distracted years, life was a blur -- the to-do lists took over ... my life was a constant mad dash to a finish line that couldn't be reached ... and my devices were gripped more tightly than the hands of my loved ones.
I am now the parent of two beautiful girls. One of my vows when they were born was to pass my father's soul-building gift of listening on to them.
It was my children's first day back to school after a two-week holiday break. The school bus was due to pull up to the corner in four minutes. My daughters were doing their last-minute gathering of shoes, coats, water bottles, and lunches.
When I think about teaching my child a lesson, I want it to be one of love, forgiveness, and understanding. I want to be a safe haven, not a person to be feared or avoided, in times of despair.
If you're feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you, remind yourself that you do not have to do them all at once -- just one. Just start with one
I relish the fact that even when presented with the messiest tangles, the ones that look like they might have to be cut away, there is hope... there is growth... there are new beginnings if I loosen my grip a little and keep on trying.
If I don't show my children the joys found offline in a culture inundated with screens, who will?