handwritten notes

The documents show FBI officials debating internally how best to approach the Flynn interview and what to do if he lied.
"Late Show" host can't believe the latest impeachment evidence: handwritten notes.
Trump's supersized notes on the impeachment inquiry receive a punk rock twist in a new viral video.
When Denisha Bracey was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, her boyfriend came up with a thoughtful way to help her feel better.
The president's notes contained yet another spelling error.
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Close to a decade ago, I sat down and wrote letters to people who influenced my life as a teenager.
I'll admit it -- I was never a note writer. I actually tried to elope with my first husband just so I wouldn't have to write thank-you notes for my wedding gifts. Did I appreciate the gifts that were given? Of course. But I'd rather do without 5.45 sets of china than have to write ten thank you notes.
No matter how times have changed and how the rules of etiquette have evolved, one important guideline remains (and shall endure): A thank you note is something every gift recipient should send and every gift giver expects.