hanford nuclear reservation

The government's multi-billion-dollar effort to clean up the nation's largest nuclear dump has become its own dysfunctional mess. For more than two decades, the government has worked to dispose of 56 million gallons of toxic nuclear and chemical waste in southeastern Washington State.
"I was fired because I raised nuclear safety issues about the Hanford site," former URS Corp. nuclear engineer Walter Tamosaitis
The waste presents significant challenges for Vit Plant project engineers and nuclear chemists. For one thing, the waste
His last day on the job coincided with his fifth anniversary. He and his wife had dinner at a Texas Roadhouse and then drinks
Jason Frazier, 38, who works at Hanford as a chemical technologist, said he volunteered to take two weeks of unpaid leave
On Monday, 250 workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state received pink slips, while another 2,500 others
Hanford's Office of River Protection is facing $92 million in cuts as the Department of Energy responds to federal budget
The Department of Energy did not immediately return calls seeking comment but has previously said the government is committed
Six underground radioactive waste tanks at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site are leaking, Gov. Jay Inslee said Friday. We speak with Zach Carter about the latest.
The federal government built the Hanford facility at the height of World War II as part of the Manhattan Project to build