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This newly published volume represents "the largest single collection of medical papyri to be published," wrote Vivian Nutton
We suggest you ignore the dietitians and combine booze with your favorite hangover-busting cures, just like in these kick-ass cocktails.
Weird News Editor Andy Campbell talks hangover remedy with HLN
The recipes might need tweaks (beans should DEFINITELY be included in a proper English breakfast), the science may be fuzzy
Happy 2014! That terrible hangover is a great start to the new year. Well if you're here, you're looking for an easy way
By Corrie Pikul When you realize that only eight hours stand between you and your wake-up alarm... Go home and go to bed
Headaches, nausea, the intense to desire to wear sunglasses indoors and talk to no one -- the effects of hangovers are strong
Do you have a tried-and-tested hangover cure that you swear by? Tell us below. The researchers are reportedly planning to
However, don't expect the hydrating beer to contain the same amount of alcohol as your average brew. In order to achieve
This week, Tin House published a new edition of the 1930 book Shake 'Em Up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong. The following
The Sober Shot is a 1/2-ounce drink that claims to, well, sober you up. It's made of honey, ginseng and seaweed extract, so it's all natural and safe to drink. While we're not really sure how those three ingredients could sober up an inebriated individual faster than a three-hour nap, the site claims that this is the first alcohol-metabolizer that actually works. Oh, and it's supposed to cure hangovers, too.
The Sober Shot is a 1/2-ounce drink that claims to, well, sober you up.
For a price of $99, staff at the clinic, located at 222 W. Ontario St., Suite 450, will treat patients' hangover symptoms
Holiday party season is upon us. GIRD YOUR LOINS.
Given that dehydration is accompanied by electrolyte imbalance from the loss of sodium and potassium (which might help explain
I hop onboard the bus and am immediately welcomed by a doctor. Now I'll admit, when I first heard about a bus that gives you an IV of fluid and vitamins after a night of head-in-the-bowl drinking, I was pretty much convinced the "doctor" on this "bus" wasn't real. But to my surprise, he was, in fact, very real and I was certainly on a bus.
The key point, Liang told ScienceNews, is that “When you drink alcohol with DHM, you never become addicted.” In the experiment
We'll be ringing in a new year in a few days and I daresay a few glasses of champagne or other spirits will be enjoyed by many HuffPost readers. So this seems like the perfect time to take a closer look at some of the popular lore about alcohol and nutrition.