hank green

"To the man who stole my thesaurus, I have no words for how angry I am!"
Industry is how I saw it. The magic had gone. It wasn't about creativity, it was about money. I saw artists forced to compromise
Anaheim California is the home of Disneyland. It's a place where parents of mostly small children wander the streets wearing Micky ears and looking for a bit of americana fun. But for 3 days - worlds collide.
Comic-Con ended just over a week ago, but that's already ancient history for the masses currently converging on Anaheim for
But if you really want to start an argument, tell someone that a banana is really a berry. You say tomato, we say aggravation
Hank, as you have said yourself, meat is bad. You and I both know this, so I do not have to convince you. You have obviously researched this topic extensively and used critical, rather than mainstream sources.
For politicians, the message is clear: making the rounds on the Sunday morning news programs is no longer good enough. The lesson is no less clear for advertisers who rely on the same eyeballs. The advertising industry should take this as a sign that online video is a worthy investment.
Some of the biggest stars on YouTube may be earning big paychecks for playing with toys and video games.
Director John Ford said that good movies need three golden moments. The Fault in Our Stars, Josh Boone's splendidly well handled new film based on the book by John Green, has more than you can count.
The VlogBrothers brought together a community of so called "mis-fits" in this world to create change and inspire everyone. As a teenager, all you want sometimes is to have someone who feels the same way as you do.
Economists use it to keep our society stable financially. You likely bet your life that your doctor has a solid grasp of
Project For Awesome, an annual YouTube-wide charity marathon, raised a record amount of funds this year -- almost $785,000
Imagine a world where the existence of a fourth season of Game of Thrones was impossible thanks to canceled HBO subscriptions
Hannah Hart is taking her wildly popular "My Drunk Kitchen" show on the road, and has already raised over $175,000 for her new travelogue show, "Hello Harto!" on Indiegogo.
Going back to school isn't necessarily fun, per se. Once the excitement of buying school supplies is over, you have to sit
Tumblr is a giant time suck, and that's the premise of this clever video by Hank Green of Vlogbrothers and people at AVbyte
The videos pull at heartstrings, but not in a usual way. SLIDESHOW: "This charity will not change the world," says Emilie
While the Internet allows people to share their work with the world without anyone's permission, telecoms like Comcast and AT&T want to control the Internet -- deciding which content loads fast, and which doesn't load at all.