Hank Greenberg

Hank Greenberg is doubling down on his Jeb bets. What could go wrong?
Hank Greenberg wasn't happy with his multibillion-dollar government bailout. He wanted more.
Of all the crazy things people have said about former AIG chief Hank Greenberg's lawsuit claiming the insurance giant's financial-crisis bailout wasn't good enough, the craziest was that he just might win.
Lehman down, AIG up, Carmen Segarra out and a seemingly well-connected, three-peat winner, Goldman Sachs, motors on...
If the Fed is too afraid to ask Goldman Sachs questions when the bank could well be in the right, how can it be expected
"Your style of editing leaves a lot to be desired. The job you did on my last article was so emasculated, the thrust of what I intended was lost in translation."
According to the authoritative Jewish Baseball News, the 15 Jewish players on major league rosters batted .254 during the regular season that just ended.
One of American Jews' great traditions -- not found in the Bible or any other sacred book -- is fretting over whether Jewish Major Leaguers will play on the high holidays, particularly Yom Kippur, the most sacred day in the Jewish calendar.
The SEC has lost steam in its already very weak push against mortgage lenders and the investment banks that supplied them with money for alleged fraudulent lending.
Federal judge J. Paul Oetken dismissed the charges the year after, stating in his opinion about the case that the article
The infatuation that Jews have with Jewish baseball players has led to books dedicated to the topic as well as entire sets of baseball trading cards.
In the film about Jackie Robinson's first year in the majors, Chapman shows up spitting one racial epithet after another from in front of the Phillies' dugout at Ebbets Field, a monologue of bitter bigotry that left Tudyk feeling slightly hungover after each day of filming.
I don't care if Greenberg wants to sue God. It is a free country and he can do what he wants. But I do care when someone tries to reverse the consequences of their own bad decisions by using up the resources of my government.
On March 19, Hank Greenberg, AIG's former CEO of 40 years and now head of Starr Companies, sat down with Bloomberg Television
Greenberg, the former CEO of insurance giant AIG who is now running a company called Starr International Co., filed a new
Fortunately for our blood pressure, there is probably not a chance in hell that even AIG would be stupid enough to sue the
But don't worry: There's still reason for us to be mad at AIG: They could have made this lawsuit go away a long time ago
Word swept across Washington from Capitol Hill to K Street and the administration — and the response wasn’t positive “AIG
Greenberg is so unhappy with his company's taxpayer-funded rescue that he sued the government last year. AIG is now is considering