This article is also posted on Brooklyn Street Art. Of the 10,000 or so images photographer Jaime Rojo took in 2015, here
Puns based on Miley Cyrus are so 2013. Which is why the street artist Hanksy and his intentionally silly pop mashups keep
A little more than 40 (mostly) street artists brought the four-floor former tenement building to life one last time before it will be destroyed -- and they did it almost entirely in secret over the course of a week.
Want to know how street artist Hanksy is celebrating the holidays? Not surprisingly, he's ringing in Christmas with a few
BONUS: Virtual high five to anyone who noticed the Bloomberg butterfly pendant hanging from de Blasio's neck. The slightly
It seems like every nook and cranny of New York City 's streets is quickly turning into a Banksy canvas. Thankfully, there
The patriotism doesn't stop there. Hanksy is also hosting an Instagram scavenger hunt for those who are celebrating the 4th
"For the past four years, I've kind of been the heart and soul of the company," the artist states in the clip, referring
The street artist and master punster known as Hanksy is in Los Angeles this week promoting his upcoming solo exhibition at
One thing Hollywood and the art world share is a tendency to get a little self-serious. Luckily, street art prankster Hanksy
The newest round takes Hollywood's most beloved Dans (DeVito and Aykroyd, obviously) and places their famous faces onto the
We know, we know, we love Hanksy a lot. But how could we not? His hilarious celebrity spoof street art pops up around New
We are firm believers that many people in the art world need to lighten up. Perhaps they could take a hint from Hanksy, the
In Maes' works, he uses intensely saturated colors and large-scale prints that draw out the still-present grandeur of the
Images courtesy of Krause Gallery. See more hilarious Hanksy spoofs on his website. The newest hilarious homage honors comedian