Hannah Jones

All sides of our education civil war need to see our internal battles within the context of the travesties recounted in this amazing special magazine issue.
The San Francisco Silent Film Festival concluded A Day of Silents with a screening of 1929's Piccadilly, directed E.A. Dupont
The top movers and shakers of the corporate sustainability world recently gathered at Fortune Brainstorm Green to examine, analyze and summarize the success of green B to B, and the simultaneous failure of green B to C commerce.
While co-hosting the Opportunity Green conference held at Los Angeles Center Studios downtown, I couldn't help but think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers I listened to the closing keynote by NIKE VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation, Hannah Jones.
Keep reading... Her mother Kirsty was once an intensive care nurse, and had seen the ordeal up close. Hannah's parents decided