hans blix

The Persian Gulf - a semi closed body of water - is at a serious crossroad and facing an uncertain future. Its population
Let's step back and do a reality check for a moment, shall we? We like to think we are good at that here in America. So, here's the mea culpa about the U.S. performance at the FIFA 2014 World Cup.
Recently a group of disarmament scholars and policy experts met in New York to honor Peter Weiss, President Emeritus of the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, for his lifelong commitment to a subject of permanent gravity that often remains in a political, legal and generational stalemate.
The indications are certainly in the direction of the use of chemical weapons. However, we all should wait to see the report of the United Nations inspectors before action is taken. The political dynamics are running ahead of due process.
A look back at the figures whom history has proven right about the war in Iraq.
In his new memoir, Karl Rove does what he does best. To explain away one lie, he comes up with another.
In commonsense terms, there is only one reason to produce Uranium-235 - and that's to make a nuclear weapon. Naturally, anyone trying to make a nuclear weapon would prefer to do so in secret.
Blair maintains that Saddam Hussein's presence in the region would have been enough of a threat to justify the war. "I supported
2008-12-17-perino2.jpgBeyond evidence of the lingering indignity of Bush's Iraq farewell, I wonder if there might have been nearly so many tight close-ups if it was Fleischer, McClellan or Snow who got popped in the eye.
Why is John Brennan, who worked "the dark side" with Dick Cheney over at the CIA in contention for running the CIA but Richard Clarke isn't?
"If Saddam would have remained in power, he would have remained a terror for his own people, but I think that it's more likely that he would have turned out to be like a Gaddafi or a Castro rather than a danger."
Will there be any consequences imposed upon the deliberate deceivers? Will there be any lessons taught, not just to the warmongers themselves, but for the benefit of all future pampered war-pushers?
Being against the Iraq War wasn't hard -- it was easy. The Iraq War made no sense, even as a wish. To wish for a war on someone else's soil is to wish death and destruction on others.
Powell pushed for war and put everyone on notice that he was acting in bad faith, with a reckless disregard for the truth. Let's not forget.
You probably remember that he led the U.N. weapons inspection team in Iraq before the U.S.-led invasion. Blix had a lot to say about how we are dealing with Iran today.