Hans Rosling

Matt Escobar, University of Tokyo The late data visionary Hans Rosling mesmerised the world with his work, contributing to
From our ability to control the spread of the flu each holiday season to miraculous achievements like eradicating smallpox
Next time you hear an amazing statistic, listen to your intuition and start asking questions about how the number was generated and what part of human experience was left out of the equation.
17. Marie Stopes Foundation -- Marie Stopes Foundation is the leading reproductive and sexual health care provider for both
In a country where a washing machine costs an entire year's salary, we can't talk about women's emancipation.
After seeing the data, Zakaria summarized the situation the U.S. finds itself in. "It's not that we're falling behind," said
In short, the lack of any difference between intervention and non-intervention areas indicates that something other than
Guest post by Felipe Cabezas. We already know this. So why do we still refer to developed and developing countries? This
A few weeks ago I was asked to talk at TEDxPugetSound, one of the many regional "franchises" that are now springing up. I was allotted 10 minutes to talk about "Global Heroes."
The U.S. political system is no longer inaccessible and shrouded in secrecy. The prime example of this new attitude was yesterday's TED@State talk.