hansel and gretel

Once upon a time there was a stubborn child who never did what his mother told him to do. The dear Lord, therefore, did not
The roof and walls are covered with 4,000 ginger bricks.
The family of The Witch, the victim in the now-infamous Hansel and Gretel murder trial, was victorious today in their wrongful death lawsuit. Hansel and Gretel were ordered to pay six million gumdrops in punitive damages, the largest claim award of its kind issued by a Forest ju
The story of Hansel and Gretel is notoriously grim -- as are most fairy tales, when you're consulting the source material
Françoise Mouly knew intuitively how important comics were to the growth and development of her own children's literacy and love of reading, and she wanted to create that experience for a bigger audience.
For proof Tim Burton's sensibilities were just as odd back in 1983, a long-lost "Hansel and Gretel" short film the director
Dee Wallace probably reached her greatest audience as the progressive but put-upon suburban mom of E.T., and most recently took her career in a darkly satirical direction with her work in the Asylum's gory, fractured fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.
But most of all I basked in the warm feeling that I supported Jeremy once again and I know he'll be able to afford dinner
Perhaps my favorite aspect of Mama (aside from the fact that it made me very, very afraid) is that it paints a refreshingly complicated and ultimately poignant portrait of female relationships.
Despite its laundry list of Hollywood heavyweights, "Movie 43" made just $5 million on its opening weekend, keeping it out
A slow start to the weekend, "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" led the Friday box office with a $6 million opening. Starring