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In the songwriting business, where some of our choices may not appear to have been the wisest in retrospect, I suggest to you that we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves. Maybe we made those choices because we were listening to our heart and didn't even know it.
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It's the same thing. Sort of. I mean - right? A lot. Facebook had just replaced Myspace as the new IT thing, and I used to
Both have taken on the music industry and won.
Justine Lucas, Global Director of Programs of the Global Poverty Project, was very excited about "getting a new generation
The Keywell Foundation, committed to support and advance the work of social entrepreneurs and innovators globally as well
1983: Heart, "How Can I Refuse" It looks like the sister-band Haim could be onto something here. The trio stole the top spot
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Deer Tick @ UCLA UCLA Bruins (myself included), listen up: Deer Tick knows how to put on a wild show! This band combines
Hanson hasn't really been around long enough for the phrase "this isn't your father's Hanson," but the three brothers are
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To celebrate the premiere of One Direction's documentary This Is Us, let's take a journey through boy band history and pick the 10 best groups in the genre. Who will come out on top? Backstreet Boys? 'N Sync? New Kids on the Block? The Velvet Underground?