The idea is similar. Identify the times in your life - and in the last week - when you feel you've been particularly productive
Should we be actively promoting happiness in the workplace? My immediate thoughts are: “Happy workers are more productive
Awe isn't always a comforting feeling -- sometimes it can be downright frightening -- but it's a powerful way to cut through the monotony and see things in a new light. We hope that the awe exercises on Greater Good in Action will be a useful starting point as you aspire to make your life more "awesome."
My father was a tidy man. He kept his tools in order. Bridles for the horses hung neatly from the proper pegs. He oiled his saddle regularly. Yes, Daddy was a cowboy.
Dating someone who loves to travel could can be a rewarding experience. People who travel are open-minded and often live with their heart wide open, which makes for great conversation and enthusiastic relationships.
It's only through embarking on some serious self-study of late that I've realized so much of what I thought made me a success was based on a generic, glossy magazine definition of the word.
It implies that happiness is not something that you pursue, it is something you allow. Happiness is just being. That insight changed my life.
Life is short. Yes, saving money is an extremely important policy, but what are we really saving it for? The future, the rest of our lives? Our lives are going on right now.
What if we did appreciate the simple things all the time, in an authentic way? What kind of an impact would that have on our lives, our work and our relationships?
Speaking of my husband and law, he applied this rule when he was considering post-law-school jobs. He thought that working